Thursday, March 8, 2012

In closing… The Love Show at the Gray Loft Gallery

 It was with enthusiasm and a little sadness that we closed The Love Show last weekend.

Not only did we have a great crowd viewing art on a Saturday afternoon in Jingletown, we had a great audience for the readings.
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 photo by Styrous®

Claudia H. Long read from “Josephina’s Sin” her recently published novel (Simon and Schuster), and Larissa read and sang from her published book of poems called “Sophia Was Pushed, But the Moon Broke Her Fall”. 
Claudia H Long (left)                                      Larissa (Right)
photo by Styrous®                                                  photo by Jan Watten

The inaugural show at the Gray Loft Gallery exceeded our expectations – from the wonderful art, the incredible artists in the show, and the visitors who came to enjoy the art, bought work and supported our first endeavor.

It was a great way to end the show.

back row (left to right):
Nancy LaRose, Gabrielle Lessard,
& Bill Silveira
front row (left to right):
 Mariah Carle, Susan Tuttle, Susan Laing,  
Jan Watten, Styrous® & Kathy Cronin
 photo by Martin Sweet

Thank you ALL for helping to make this happen. We are sad to end the show, but look forward to working on the 2nd annual Love Show for next year!

Stay tuned for updates about our upcoming shows and events at the Gray Loft Gallery.

Until then,
The team at GLG

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