Thursday, July 19, 2018

Gray Loft Gallery ~ Summer Salon 2

Join us in Jingletown this Saturday for the 
opening reception of our new exhibit! 

Saturday, July 21 from 4:00 - 6:30 pm
Exhibit dates: July 21 – August 25, 2018

Celebrate summer with us at our SUMMER  SALON, a group show of gallery artists which includes painting, mixed media and photography by these Bay Area artists:

Suzy Barnard - painting
Larry Davidson - photography
Jan Erion - painting
Lin Fischer - painting
Lynn McGeever - watercolor
Amy Sollins - drawings
Karyn Yandow - photography
…and others

Closing reception: Saturday, August 25, 4:00 – 6:30 pm
Gallery Hours:  summer hours are by appointment

LinFischer Coming Out of the Water

Lin Fischer
I use painting as a way to get in touch with a higher power. Images occur to me and I create them. Everything depends on the mood I am in when I go to paint, and what I am feeling. It all revolves around what image is attracting me and what will fulfill me. Consequently the paintings are not always exactly the same as the last ones in terms of abstraction, expressionism, impressionism or realism. I trust the paint and my hand to do the job. The brain seems to have little to do with it. Afterwards I learn from what is on the canvas.   

Suzy Barnard Gentle Incline

Suzy Barnard
Now, as I paint, I find it is not necessary to literally describe the ships.  Perhaps I am painting from the ship’s perspective, diving into the seascape through which they must venture in all weathers. Or perhaps they are still there, just beyond the veil of fog,  hugging the shoreline in the distance.  I search the light particles of water and air for the perfect unattainable spot, and sift and sort the colors that seem to simultaneously intertwine and separate themselves.  In this quest, mixing and layering paint is like playing with my own delicious elements. Traveling with my mind’s eye between sea, sky and shore, I imagine myself completely immersed in the colorscape.  

Karyn Yandow Hearts on Fire

Karyn Yandow
Karyn has been photographing private and public gardens and the landscape of San Francisco and the Bay Area for over twenty-five years. Plants and trees reflect the magnificence and vulnerability of all living things. She looks for a beauty that elevates the imagery into a realm of abstraction while remaining representational. Karyn continues to seek out sensuous and ephemeral botanical imagery that is metaphorical for the transcendent and intimate moments in our lives. 

Larry Davidson Murmuration

Larry Davidson
I look for a combination of color, light and texture - and the creation of mood that follows. In this sense, the subject matter is almost secondary which gives me a lot of freedom in creating these images. In a way my camera becomes my paintbrush, light and color my paints the film my canvas, and texture my very best friend.  

Amy Sollins Victorian Cupcake Holder on Bench

Amy Sollins
Amy passed away on January 13, 2018
The gallery is honored to be showcasing some of her works.
Amy created charcoal drawings of her possessions, including her grandmother’s cast iron doorstop, underwear, jewelry, and other inanimate objects that had meaning for her, revealing a whimsical nostalgia for sacred and personal artifacts. She drew with the softest charcoal possible so that the dust falls in shadows.   Uprooted from the context of her life, the artifacts were drawn on large white pieces of paper, floating and swimming, disregarding the natural laws of gravity. She subjectively curated the drawn objects from her personal mythology and that of her heritage. The result is a surreal narrative, where scale and context are less relevant than emotive charge, and the everyday, inanimate object is poetry.

Lynn McGeever Buck's Lake

Lynn McGeever
As I paint I look for the nexus between abstraction and realism.
I work from life, not photographs, because I am interested in seeing and documenting the essence, the kernel of the feel of the person or place and I love the physical act of painting a unique look or body position.  My work documents the ephemeral moment; that moment then becomes universal reality.   

Jan Erion Unraveling of the True Heart

Jan Erion
Jan Erion’s work is comprised of many elements as she is both a painter and a printmaker. Formerly from Seattle, California has opened up new vistas of peace and beauty which have inspired her. The darker northwest palate of paint has been replaced by a softer and more vibrant range of color.

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