Monday, August 12, 2013

Gray Loft Gallery ~ Three Views continues

The exhibition, Three Views, featuring work by Lynn McGeever (paintings), Bruce Pizzichillo aka quepasaglass (glass sculpture and paintings), and Elizabeth M. Williams (photography) continues at the Gray Loft Gallery.

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Lynn McGeever, paintings
photo by Styrous®
 Lynn McGeever’s paintings from her Boundary Crossing series evolved from quick aerial watercolor sketches she drew from airplane windows while flying across the country. This body of work attempts to capture the beauty of man-made fields, roads and canals and the tension created when they intersect with the natural world of grasslands, woods and rivers


Bruce Pizzichillo is showing paintings . . .
photo by Styrous®

Bruce Pizzichillo,  glass sculpture
photos by Styrous®
. . . and glass sculpture, which have been influenced by music, painting, dance, poetry, film and architecture. Bruce works in glass, metal, wood, paint and found objects incorporating new techniques and materials in his art with every new piece. This diversity opens him to a fuller expression of simple ideas.

photo by Elizabeth M. Williams
The photography of Elizabeth M. Williams seeks to freeze-frame that moment when we experience visual ambiguity, relying on conditioned perception to determine what we are seeing. Purposefully enigmatic, her images are intended to elicit and prolong a state of not knowing. Derived from urban environments, Elizabeth’s images are the result of serendipitous discoveries.


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