Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Gray Loft Gallery's The Love Show closing reception

Please join us for the closing reception of The Love Show
The inaugural show at the Gray Loft Gallery

2889 Ford Street, 3rd floor, Jingletown, Oakland 94601

Closing reception: 
Saturday, February 25, 1:00 to 5:00 pm

(click on any image to see slideshow)

exterior shot of Gray Loft Gallery
photo by Jan Watten

The closing reception will also feature poetry readings:
"Sophia Was Pushed But The Moon Broke Her Fall" by Larissa
"Josefina's Sin" by Claudia H. Long.
Both will be reading from recently published books at 4:00 pm

interior of the Gray Loft Gallery
photo by Jan Watten

The opening reception featured the dancers, KaraMel.
photo by Jan Watten

Valentine's Day may be over, but the Gray Loft Gallery is filled with incredible and affordable art by some of the best emerging and established artists in the Bay Area, and the Pacific Northwest.  

 On display are photographs, paintings, monoprints and sculptures, which reflect love, passion, lust, hope, romance, broken hearts, true love and love poetry. The gallery also has handmade purses, hats, jewelry, hand-blown glass, hand crafted cards and textiles that reflect the theme of love. Art in The Love Show is priced from $8 to $500. 

Collect art and buy local, which supports the arts in Oakland!

The inaugural show in Oakland’s newest alternative art venue has been a huge success.  We hope you will come and support our artists as well as our mission to provide an alternative to traditional gallery spaces and to exhibit work by emerging as well as established artists who want to show their work in an unconventional venue.  

The third floor gallery is located in the heart of Jingletown, an historic and thriving artist district Oakland, in the first legal artists live/work building in the area.  

A few examples of the work included in the show are below. Please visit our blog to see the complete list of artists and more photographs of the gallery and the art. 

Chris Johnson (left)                     Julia Storrs (right)
"La Shaune in her slip"                               "Venus"
photograph                                               mixed media

Bonnie Clay Boller (left)           Susan Brady (right)
"Mystic Mary"                  "Watching Two Worlds"
Linocut                                   mixed media on 2 panels

Eben Ostby "God is Love" photograph

 Jewelry by Shelly Hanan

 Nancy LaRose (left)                        Bridget May (right)
Handmade purses                                   acrylic on wood
photos by Jan Watten

Elwyn Crawford (left)                         Susan Liang & 
hats                                           Bill Silveira (right)
~                                                               textiles & 
~                                                       license plate art 
photos by Jan Watten

                                                                                       "Snow Berries" acrylic on wood
                                                                                                                     photo by Jan Watten

Peter McCandless 
"Occupy Heart" Venetian plaster

Suzy Barnard "Little Kiss" oil on canvas  

Jewelry and cards by various artists
photo by Jan Watten

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Other artists in the exhibition

More artists in the exhibition

Complete list of artists in The Love Show
Gray Loft Gallery 
2889 Ford Street, #32 
Oakland, CA 94601 
contact Gray Loft Gallery

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